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S9 Antminer KWH: Understanding Power Consumption and Efficiency


When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, one of the key factors that miners need to consider is power consumption. The electricity required to operate mining hardware can significantly impact profitability and operational costs. In this article, we will take a closer look at the S9 Antminer, a popular mining device, and explore its power consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

The S9 Antminer and Power Consumption

The S9 Antminer is an ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miner, specifically designed for mining Bitcoin. It was released in 2016 by Bitmain, one of the leading manufacturers of mining equipment. The S9 quickly gained popularity due to its high hash rate and efficiency.

When it comes to power consumption, the S9 Antminer is known for its relatively high energy requirements. It operates at a power consumption of around 1,375 watts (W) ± 7%, with an input voltage of 11.60 to 13.00 volts (V). However, it is important to note that the actual power consumption may vary based on factors such as the power supply unit (PSU) used, ambient temperature, and mining conditions.

Calculating Power Consumption in kWh

To determine the power consumption of the S9 Antminer in kilowatt-hours (kWh), we need to consider the device’s power consumption in watts (W) and the duration of its operation. The formula to calculate power consumption in kWh is as follows:

Power Consumption (kWh) = Power Consumption (W) * Operating Time (hours) / 1000

For example, if we assume the S9 Antminer operates at its average power consumption of 1,375 W for 24 hours:

Power Consumption (kWh) = 1,375 W * 24 hours / 1000 = 33 kWh

This means that the S9 Antminer would consume approximately 33 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day.

Efficiency Considerations

While the S9 Antminer is known for its high power consumption, it is also important to consider its efficiency in terms of the hash rate it provides. The S9 Antminer has a hash rate of around 13.5 terahashes per second (TH/s), which means it can perform 13.5 trillion calculations per second. This high hash rate allows miners to mine Bitcoin at a faster pace.

When evaluating mining equipment, it is crucial to consider the balance between power consumption and hash rate. A more efficient miner can provide a higher hash rate while consuming less electricity, which can ultimately result in higher profitability.


In conclusion, the S9 Antminer is a popular mining device known for its high hash rate and efficiency. However, it also has a relatively high power consumption of around 1,375 watts. Miners should carefully consider the power consumption and efficiency of mining equipment to optimize profitability and operational costs. By understanding the power consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and evaluating the efficiency of the device, miners can make informed decisions when it comes to cryptocurrency mining.

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Factors Affecting S9 Antminer Power Consumption

Environmental Conditions

The environment in which the S9 Antminer operates can have a significant impact on its power consumption. Higher ambient temperatures can cause the device to work harder to maintain optimal operating conditions, resulting in increased energy consumption. It is crucial to ensure proper ventilation and cooling to prevent overheating and minimize power usage.

Power Supply Unit Efficiency

The efficiency of the power supply unit (PSU) used with the S9 Antminer can also affect its power consumption. PSUs with higher efficiency ratings convert more of the incoming AC power into usable DC power, reducing energy waste. Miners should opt for high-quality, energy-efficient PSUs to maximize the efficiency of their mining operations.

Mining Pool Efficiency

When mining Bitcoin with the S9 Antminer, miners often join mining pools to increase their chances of earning rewards. However, the efficiency of the mining pool can impact power consumption. Some mining pools may have higher latency or connectivity issues, causing the miner to waste energy on unsuccessful mining attempts. Miners should choose reputable and reliable mining pools to minimize energy wastage.

Overclocking and Underclocking

Miners have the option to overclock or underclock their S9 Antminer to adjust its performance and power consumption. Overclocking involves increasing the device’s clock frequency to achieve higher hash rates but may result in increased power consumption. Underclocking, on the other hand, reduces the clock frequency to lower power consumption but may decrease the hash rate. Miners should carefully balance performance and power consumption based on their specific needs and energy constraints.

Optimizing Mining Settings

The mining settings and configurations can also impact the power consumption of the S9 Antminer. Tweaking parameters such as voltage, frequency, and fan speed can help optimize power usage. However, caution must be exercised to avoid compromising the stability and reliability of the mining equipment.


In conclusion, several factors can influence the power consumption of the S9 Antminer. Environmental conditions, the efficiency of the power supply unit, the mining pool used, and the mining settings all play a role in determining the device’s energy usage. Miners should consider these factors and make informed decisions to minimize power consumption while maintaining optimal mining performance. By optimizing power usage, miners can improve profitability and reduce their impact on the environment.

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