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CS:GO, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter game that involves two teams battling against each other. One of the maps in the game, called Vertigo, has a unique feature that allows players to boost themselves onto higher platforms, giving them a strategic advantage over their opponents.

What is Vertigo Boosting in CS:GO?

Vertigo boosting is a technique used by players to gain access to higher platforms on the Vertigo map. The map has several levels, with some platforms being significantly higher than others. The technique involves one player crouching down and another player standing on top of them, allowing the standing player to reach higher platforms that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Why is Vertigo Boosting Controversial?

Vertigo boosting is a controversial technique in the CS:GO community because it gives an unfair advantage to the boosting team. The technique is often used by experienced players to gain an edge over their opponents, and it can be difficult to counter if the opposing team is not prepared for it. As a result, many players consider it to be a form of cheating and argue that it should be banned from competitive play.


Vertigo boosting is a contentious issue in the CS:GO community. While it can be an effective technique for gaining an advantage over opponents, it is also seen as unfair and unethical by many players. Ultimately, the decision to allow or ban Vertigo boosting is up to individual tournament organizers and game developers, and it will likely continue to be a topic of debate in the CS:GO community.

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How to Counter Vertigo Boosting in CS:GO

As mentioned in the previous section, Vertigo boosting is a controversial technique used by many CS:GO players to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents. However, there are ways to counter this strategy and level the playing field. In this section, we will discuss some effective ways to counter Vertigo boosting in CS:GO.

1. Use Utility

One of the most effective ways to counter Vertigo boosting is by using utility. Players can use smoke grenades or Molotov cocktails to block off the boosted player’s line of sight, making it more difficult for them to take shots or get a clear view of the map. Flashbangs can also be used to blind the boosted player, giving the opposing team an opportunity to take them out.

2. Play Aggressively

Another way to counter Vertigo boosting is to play aggressively. Instead of waiting for the boosted player to make a move, the opposing team can push forward and attack them head-on. This can be risky, but it can also catch the boosted player off guard and give the opposing team an opportunity to take them out.

3. Communicate With Your Teammates

Communication is key in CS:GO, and it is especially important when countering Vertigo boosting. Players should communicate with their teammates and coordinate their attacks to take out the boosted player. This can involve using callouts, setting up crossfires, and coordinating utility usage.


Vertigo boosting may be controversial, but it is not unbeatable. By using utility, playing aggressively, and communicating effectively with their teammates, players can counter this technique and level the playing field. As with any strategy in CS:GO, success ultimately comes down to skill, teamwork, and practice.

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